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Situation Silesia 2019

Project title: Situation Silesia 2019
Project ID: 21910452
Supported by: The International Visegrad Fund

Situation Silesia 2019

Description of the main project objective:

The curatorial concept of the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition is based on the premises that the geographic area of Upper Silesia on the Polish side and Silesia on the Czech side is a culturally homogenous unit of which history was radically affected by the expansion o f heavy industry, coal mining and the phenomena related to the dynamics of socio-cultural transfers. However, in both republics these transfers have been viewed murkily as a life ‘somewhere at the end of the world’.

The Situation Silesia 2019 is an exhibition representatively presenting remarkable dynamics of Silesia in the Czech Republic and Upper Silesia in Poland in the field of contemporary fine arts. Artwork of more than fifty authors will be presented to the public on the Czech and Polish side. Such art show has never been presented before. Not only authors who significantly influenced events in the Silesian art scene in the early 1990s, but also the authors who have shaped the artistic expression in the following decades, and also outstanding art talents on the art scene will be presented at the exhibition. The important factor shaping the high quality level of art life on both sides of the Silesian border was the foundation of faculties of art (Faculty of Art of the University of Ostrava and Wydział Artystyczny Uniwersytetu Śląskiego in Cieszynie). Many of the exhibiting authors, as well as theoreticians and dramaturges, have been professionally associated with these institutions. Therefore, it is logical that these very institutions initiated the Silesia Situation 2019 exhibition, following the OVA 95-05 Balance Survey and the Situation of Ostrava 2017, where artworks of authors living and working only on the Czech side of Silesia were presented.


University of Ostrava
Address: Dvořákova 7, Ostrava, 701 03, Czech Republic
Website: www.osu.eu

Coordinator of the project:

doc. MgA. František Kowolowski
Address: Faculty of Art, University of Ostrava, Podlahova 3, 709 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Project partners:

Partner No. 1:
Wydział Artystyczny in Cieszynie
Website: wart.us.edu.pl

Implementation period:


Project phases:

Descripton: Situation Silesia 2019 is an exhibition that has not been on such a scale so far. It is a breakthrough event that seeks Silesian identity in the field of contemporary fine arts. The exhibition will be held simultaneously on the Czech (Michal Coalmine in Ostrava) and the Polish side (Wydział Artystyczny Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Cieszynie).

Exhibiting authors see point 2.
Curators of the exhibition: Gabriela Pienias, Tomáš Koudela, František Kowolowski
Venue: Czech Republic, Poland
Publicitate: public
Date: 3/7 – 3/8/2019

Output title: Educational and animation accompanying programs to the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition
Output Type: Event
Description: A set of six events (three on the Czech and three on the Polish side) of the educational and animation character as an accompanying program to the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition and will focus on children, youth and seniors of the region.
Venue: Czech Republic, Poland
Publicitate: public
Date: 3/7 – 3/8/2019

Output title: Situation Silesia 2019
Output Type: Product
Description: Output of the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition in the form of a professional catalogue dealing with the situation of Czech-Polish cooperation in Silesia in the field of contemporary fine arts with references to historical development from 1989 till Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition.
Editors of the publication: Tomáš Koudela, Gabriela Pienias
Venue: Czech Republic, Poland
Publicitate: public
Date from: 1/3/2019 – 30/11/2019

Output name: Launch of Situation Silesia 2019 publication
Output Type: Event
Description: The launch of Situation Silesia 2019 publication dealing with the situation of Czech-Polish cooperation in Silesia in the field of contemporary fine arts with references to historical developments from 1989 to the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition in the Czech Republic (Michal Coalmine in Ostrava) and the Poland (Wydział Artystyczny Uniwersytetu Śląskiego in Cieszynia).
Location: Czech Republic, Poland
Publicitate: public
Date from: December 2019


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